The coach of Malaysia spies on Indonesia U-17 against the United Arab Emirates

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Trainer Malaysia Under 17 national team Osmera Bin Omaro is spying on the game Indonesia against the United Arab Emirates in the U-17 Asian Cup qualifier Group B match at Pakansari Stadium on Wednesday (5/10).

Omaro watched the game with the coaching staff from the first minute to the end.

This was done after Malaysia’s U-17 national team was held in a 1-1 draw with Guam U-17 ahead of the match between Indonesia and the UAE.


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Osmera Omaro and the coaching staff did not even leave the stands after the Indonesian U-17 national team won 3-2 against the United Arab Emirates U-17. She seemed to be conversing before leaving.

It is no coincidence that Omaro chose not to go home immediately after the end of the game. Because in the next two games, Malaysia will face the United Arab Emirates in Junat (7/10) and Indonesia (9/10).

In the press conference after the Malaysia-Guam match, Osmera Omaro highlighted the aspect of his team that was in a hurry to make decisions during the match.

“I think if we saw the game in the first half we were in a hurry. I don’t want to comment on players who seem outrageous, but I think there have been some incidents that didn’t favor us,” said Osmera Omaro.

On the one hand, Osmera understands the plight of his subordinates who are still young. However, she wants Malaysia’s U-17 fighting mentality to improve in the remaining two Group B games.

“Our players are still young. Any games that have the Malaysian crest on their chest must be fought,” he said.

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