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The Citizens’ Mentality Has Been Tested


Manchester City having a tough schedule by coming back to fight Liverpool after getting rid of Atletico Madrid. But the mentality of The Citizens has been tested in this condition.

Man City will meet Liverpool again this time in the semifinals FA Cup, Saturday (16/4/2022) evening WIB. Previously, the two teams met last week at the Etihad Stadium in the English Premier League which ended 2-2.

Man City and Liverpool are very competitive in the race for the Premier League title. The Citizens are at the top of the standings with 74 points, only one point behind Liverpool. The rivalry between the two teams has now turned to the FA Cup.

Man City welcomes the match against Liverpool after making sure to qualify for the semifinals Liga Champions by overcoming Atletico Madrid thanks to a 1-0 aggregate advantage. They will meet Real Madrid in the semifinals.

Pilar Man City, rodri, assessing the success of advancing to the semifinals of the Champions League shows that his team has a very good mentality. This is a valuable capital for Manchester Blue to face Liverpool.

Man City is mentally very ready to face the difficult matches that will await towards the end of this season. Pep Guardiola’s troops are fully focused first to face the Reds before thinking about other matches.

“We have to have a strong mentality and be together and never give up. That’s the way. We expect another tough team next with a different way of playing, but we still have to think about how we face them,” said Rodri, quoted from the official Man City website. .

“Let’s think about Liverpool first. The schedule is crazy. We have two games against Atletico, another day against Liverpool.”

“You have to work 100 per cent and now we face Liverpool again – too many difficult games at the same time, but that’s what happened. We have to refresh our minds, recover and give our best in the next game.”


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