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the brand’s first True Wireless headphones cost just € 89!

The OnePlus Buds were formalized at the same time as the OnePlus North. These True Wireless headphones, available in several colors, are offered even cheaper than the OnePlus Bullets, at a price of only 89 €!

Credit: OnePlus

After several weeks of teasing, the OnePlus Buds (E501A) have been made official at the same time as the OnePlus Nord during a conference on July 21, 2020. OnePlus is back on low prices: the official public price of OnePlus Buds is only 89 € ! This is less than the € 99.99 requested for the OnePlus Wireless 2.

OnePlus Buds: the brand offers them in white, dark gray and “Nord Blue”

The OnePlus Buds (and their case) are available in three colors: white (White), very dark gray, close to black (Gray), as well as in a blue located between aquamarine and light azure, called ” Nord Blue ”- to better recall the OnePlus Nord. This color will only be available in Europe and India. OnePlus describes headphones “Ergonomic, which ensure a perfect fit for long periods”.

The exact dimensions for each earphone are 18.81 × 16.13 × 37.89mm, with each earphone weighing 4.7 grams. The case, both “Round and refined” weighs 37 grams. It is also coated with a texture “Very soft to the touch”. On the performance side, the OnePlus Buds are equipped with noise reduction technology that relies on three microphones on each earpiece, to improve call clarity.

OnePlus Buds
Credit: OnePlus

The OnePlus Buds also carry a 13.4mm dynamic transducer, slightly smaller than that of AirPods Pro or Freepods 3 (both 14mm). The latter would offer OnePlus Buds “Rich sound, clear vocals and deep bass” according to OnePlus. They benefit from the passage of Dolby Atmos technology and an integrated tuner signed Dirac Audio

OnePlus Buds
Dimensions Earphones: 18.81 × 16.13 × 37.89mm
Case: 52.21 × 59.62 × 37.89mm
Weight Headphones: 4.7 grams (x 2)
Case: 37 grams
Colors Blanc
Dark gray
North Blue
Transducer 13.40mm, dynamic, sensitivity 97dB ± 3dB @ 1KHz
Connectivity USB Type-C (cable included), BT 5.0 with a range of 10 meters
Drums Headphones: 35 mAh (x 2)
Case: 430 mAh
Certification IPX4

On the connectivity side, the OnePlus Buds benefit from Bluetooth 5.0, which offers increased range and speed. These also incorporate Fast Pair technology, which allows pairing that is both quick and easy on all compatible devices. OnePlus also announces “State of the art, low latency coupling” when you connect the OnePlus Buds to a OnePlus smartphone. Fnatic mode, when you’re in a game for example, reduces latency to 103ms, for more precise synchronization with audio

OnePlus Buds
Credit: OnePlus

The touch controls (in this case, the double tap and the long press) are also configurable. Last element: the OnePlus Buds are IPX4 certified, that is to say they are protected against water splashes and solid bodies of more than a millimeter. Each earpiece of the OnePlus Buds is equipped with a 35 mAh battery. The case has a 430 mAh battery. Once fully charged, OnePlus promises 30 hours of battery life (case + headphones), 7 hours of listening time and 4 hours of conversation.

For comparison, AirPods offer up to 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talk time on a single charge. And as we learned a few days ago, the OnePlus Buds are indeed equipped with fast charging technology: it will take 10 minutes of charging for 10 hours of battery life (charging case + headphones) and 10 minutes of charge for approximately 1 hour 40 minutes of listening.

OnePlus Buds
Credit: OnePlus

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The OnePlus Buds are already available for the three colors (white, dark gray and north blue), on the official website of OnePlus, as well as at FNAC, Darty and Amazon resellers, at the public price of 89 €. What do you think about this product ? Share your opinion in the comments!

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