“The brain will work for a long time”: Neurologist Morozik revealed the secrets of protection against dementia – nutrition is the key to everything

How to live to old age and stay sane

Neurologist Valeria Morozik told how to avoid getting dementia, Lenta.ru reports. Nutrition plays an important role in brain health. The diet should include foods high in antioxidants, omega-3s, vitamins and minerals. You should eat fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts at least several times a week. All this will provide the brain with energy and prevent the rise of cholesterol.

The second rule against dementia is physical activity and giving up bad habits. Throughout your life you need to move, go for walks. Mental load also plays an important role. During intellectual activity, new connections appear between brain cells. Morozik advises reading more, learning poetry, and solving logical and arithmetic problems. It is also necessary to maintain social activity and communicate with people.

2023-12-07 12:46:01

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