The book auction returns to El Colegio Nacional

The Colegio Nacional inaugurates its great year-end sale under the concept “the book auction is reborn”, which will take place from 9 to 24 December at the Colegio Nacional Bookstore (Donceles 104, Centro Histórico, CDMX). , from 11 : 30:00 to 18:30 from Monday to Friday; from 10:30 to 16:00 on Saturdays; and from 10:00 to 13:00 on Saturday 24.

The new edition of the book auction of The National College It arrives with 30 percent discounts on books from 2019 or previous years, such as México moderni (2019), coordinated by Javier Garciediego; Kindergarten (2019), by Vicente Rojo and José Emilio Pacheco, or The Signs in Rotation (2017), by Octavio Paz. 35 percent in co-editions from 2019 or earlier, such as Anthology of Mexican Modernism, 1884-1921 (2019), Inventario (2018), both works by José Emilio Pacheco.

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Likewise, those who have followed or want to discover the thinking of Mario Lavista, Ruy Pérez Tamayo, Ramón Xirau, Miguel León-Portilla, Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, Gabriel Zaid, among other prominent members of El Colegio Nacional, will be able to access the their intellectual work through the complete series of the Obras collection, with a 50% discount.

In addition, to commemorate the Louis Pasteur Year, a 20% discount will be offered on the editorial novelty Pasteur, 2022, by Manuel Martínez Báez and Adolfo Martínez Palomo (El Colegio Nacional-Faculty of Medicine/UNAM), and there will be games and discounts specials in the children’s novelty Triptofanito, Lisina and the pandemic. And then what happened to us? The virus that changed our lives, by Julio Frenk, Andrés García Barrios and Alger Leslie (El Colegio Nacional-Secretaría de Cultura de Jalisco).

Together with the books that make up the list of discounted titles, visitors will be able to purchase the titles that El Colegio Nacional published in 2022, including the work that won the Antonio García Cubas Award for Editorial Merit, in the Popularization Work category, as well as reported with Honorable Mention of the same competition in the Art Book category. In addition to those already mentioned, the new publications are: Collected Essays, 1983-2012, by Christopher Domínguez Michael (El Colegio Nacional, 2022); Life of Fray Servando, by Christopher Domínguez Michael (El Colegio Nacional-Grano de Sal-UANL, 2022); Only what we ignore can be foreign to us. Biographical essay on Alfonso Reyes, by Javier Garciadiego (El Colegio Nacional-UANL, 2022); Measure to know. A multidisciplinary approach to measurement, by Luis Fernando Lara (coord.) (El Colegio Nacional, 2022); Musical notebook 2, by Mario Lavista (El Colegio Nacional, 2022); Astronomy in Mexico before and after the conquest, by Susana Lizano and Luis Felipe Rodríguez Jorge (coords.) (El Colegio Nacional, 2022); Animals and the Sacred Recinct of Tenochtitlan, by Leonardo López Luján and Eduardo Matos Moctezuma (coords.), (El Colegio Nacional, 2022); ; Berlioz and Mendelssohn, by Adolfo Martínez Palomo (The National College-Centro de Estudios para Extranjeros/UNAM, 2022); Chopin and Schumann, by Adolfo Martínez Palomo (El Colegio Nacional, 2022); Bradbury Station. A visionary in El Colegio Nacional, by Vicente Quirarte (coord.) (El Colegio Nacional, 2022); Multiple Identity, by Luis Villoro (The National College-Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, 2022); and Works 6. Translated poems, by Gabriel Zaid (El Colegio Nacional, 2022).

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