The birthday man claims to have AMG, but he only drives the AMG Line

Every week the correspondent Cas Pedal travels the world with an in-depth journalistic article. No expense is spared there. Especially not the costs. For example, we have received statements for interviews with K. Dobon and Eng. paper for wrapping. As always, this article has been 100% verified and found to be true.

It was a little bright spot for Tim (27) on Friday night. He had been dragged by his girlfriend on an old classmate’s birthday and he didn’t know anyone else. But when he talked to a Stefano, he thought he had run over another car enthusiast. “Okay, I thought, then I can talk about cars for the rest of the evening,” says Tim.

“Stefano said he drove an AMG himself. At first I didn’t notice it because he told me it was a fast car and it was tight on corners, “continues Tim,” But when I told him I loved the sound of the 6.2 V8, he looked at me with a glazed look. When I said that the 4.0 V8 was fine too, no lights came on with him. He just said his AMG was nice and frugal. ‘

“And then dawn began to break. I asked him for a photo of his “AMG”, it turned out to be just a Mercedes A 180 AMG Line. This is just a front-wheel drive with 136 hp. Obviously nothing wrong with that, but it’s certainly not an AMG. Then I politely cut off the conversation, ‘says Tim, visibly upset.

‘For the rest of the evening, I started a conversation here and there asking how he got to know the landlady and what they did for work. Eventually I told my girlfriend that she was very much like her mother tonight. Soon after, they wanted to leave. That fight on the way home was worth it. ‘

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