The Billion Followers Summit 2024: Connecting with Prominent Content Creators from Around the World

The “Billion Followers Summit” announced a group of the most prominent names participating in its second edition in Dubai, which is organized by the New Media Academy on January 10 and 11, 2024, in the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the Future, under the slogan “Let’s Connect,” where the brightest content makers in various fields participate, From media, entertainment, sports, cooking, education, technology, gaming, e-sports, comedy, and others, in various events, including inspiring speeches, dialogue sessions, rich discussions, and live meetings with the audience.

Among the most prominent speakers at the summit at the international level are the most famous YouTube stars in South America, German Garmendia, the most famous YouTube team in Europe, the Sidemen Group, and the content maker with the highest percentage of female followers in India, Prajakta Kohli, and one of the most prominent content makers. Games and e-sports in India, Techno Gamers, and the owner of inspiring humanitarian content, Zachary Deryniewski. The summit will also host the record holder and humanitarian campaigner Abufalla, the journalist and satirical content creator Ahmed Al-Bashir, and the winner of the title of social media star in the Middle East in 2022, Ahmed Abu Al-Rub, and the chef. Lebanese (Disney Princess) Abeer Al-Saghir.

It is noteworthy that 121 million people follow the comedy videos and video games presented by the Chilean content creator, German Garmendia, who uses humor to comment on topics of daily life, music, sports and culture.

As for the “Sidemen” group, they are the largest YouTube content makers in Europe, with more than 37 million fans following them on their official account on various platforms, and their videos achieving billions of views online.

Prajakta Kohli is an Indian content maker who presents comedic videos on her channel, which has more than 16.7 million followers. Her content addresses topics related to daily life, relationships and society in a sarcastic and funny way. Techno Gamers presents videos on his channel, which has more than 50 million followers, and is distinguished by his exciting and entertaining content. He is one of the most prominent gaming and e-sports content makers in India.

Zachary Deryniewski’s videos aim to spread positivity and goodness in society, and the Tik Tok star has attracted more than 21 million followers, thanks to his humanitarian content, providing inspiration to millions of people.

Abufla…record numbers in goodness

Abu Fela was known as a multi-talented content creator with more than 49 million followers, and was famous for his entertainment and gaming content on YouTube. He was also known for his charitable campaigns, where he raised millions of dollars to help those in need around the world. In 2022, Abu Fila raised $1 million in just 28 hours to help Syrian refugees. Abu Fela is considered a role model for Arab youth. He is an ambitious and persistent young man who was able to achieve great success in a short time. He is also an example of a person who seeks to help others.

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