The big jackpot joke is messed up!

One of the great jackpot of the National Lottery Bursa Inegol district aroused curiosity in the public. Ismail Celik, the owner of the tea garden, announced that his friends were the winner of the social media prank in order to joke.


Steel came to a large number of phones, went to his house by closing the workplace early. He said he was called from numbers he didn’t recognize. Çelik Friends joked on social media. That’s why my phones won’t shut up. I had to shut down early and leave. The phones are coming. There is no caller for congratulations. Those who could not reach me called my family. ”


Stating that he did not receive tickets in the last draw, Steel, “did not give me a bonus or something. I’ve been a victim of my friends’ joke. My psychology is broken.. DHA

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