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“The Betrayal: A Tale of Love and Revenge”

Story Summary
Mamdouh, a young man who does not like old women, meets Hanan on the ship while they are traveling to Greece. He asks her to marry him after completing his studies. In Athens, Mamdouh quarrels with a young man, and in the oath, he asks Hanan to guarantee him

Then they spend happy days together in Greece, but he is surprised by her travel, asking him not to search for her. Mamdouh returns to Egypt and works in a major hotel. He meets her at the hotel and discovers that she is married to Ezzat Bey, one of the centers of power. Ezzat framed Mamdouh’s father. He imprisoned him, arrested Mamdouh, and tortured him

To get away from Hanan. He arranges for his father to be charged with his work, and for his sister a charge of inciting prostitution, then he is thrown into the insane hospital. Hanan responds to her husband’s demands to comply with him on the condition that he release Mamdouh, and while they are traveling to Alexandria, Ezzat dies in a collision accident, so Hanan decides to rush to Mamdouh.

Farouk Sabry (Story & Screenplay[؟] and dialogue)
Adel Emam
Adel Adham
Shams al-Baroudi
Salah Nazmi
Hanem Mohamed
Hanan Suleiman
Ezzedine Islam
Medhat Morsi
Ahmed Khamis

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