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The best-selling history books in February 2023

Today is an auspicious day to share with you best-selling history books in Spain, thanks to the data provided by the consultancy Gfk*. As I was telling you the other day in the case of novels, this January list is dominated by the second part of the Christmas campaign and, therefore, there is almost no room for novelties and it is very similar to the December one.

The truth is that, even so, the list has something beyond the minimum movement that the fiction one presented with respect to December: there is a different book (a classic like Blood and Fire enters) and there is some up and down. Certify that April 14thby Paco Cerdá, is one of the great surprises, in History, of last year. And also that, in non-fiction, there is more room for imprints outside of the large publishing groups (three on this list, compared to none for fiction), but less for female authors (one in this one, compared to five in novels). ). This apparent difficulty of the authors in the landscape of essays and historical disclosure deserves a post on this blog and I hope to offer it to you in a few weeks.

In the next list, we will begin to see the new essays for 2023 arrive now.

*GfK has the collaboration of the main retailers of the publishing market both offline as online. Make a tracking weekly from the sales registered in more than 1,300 points of sale. Ebooks, pocket editions and novels in official languages ​​other than Spanish are excluded from the list.

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