the awakening of Podkolzin and Amirov

After a hard defeat against the Czechs, the Russians had to regain confidence and they had the opportunity to face it against the poor Austrians. Vasili Podkolzin and Rodion Amirov also had the opportunity to wake up and they took their chance. They led Russia to an easy 7-1 victory. Dominance of 50-18 in shots on goal.

Early in the game, Amirov used a penalty shot to open the scoring with his tournament first. Two minutes later, it was Podkolzin’s turn to score his first 2021 World Junior goal. The Canucks prospect quickly added a second, before Marat Khusnutdinov made 4-0 Russia.

The only goal of the second period was scored by … Austria! Senna Peeters took advantage of a nice comeback from 16-year-old Marco Kasper to score the first goal of the tournament for his team. This means that the Austrians were able to “win a period” against the Russians!

In the power play, at the start of third, Artemi Kniazev scored his tournament debut to give the Russians a four-goal priority. Yegor Afanasiev and Arseni Gritsyuk added more at the end of the meeting. Final score: 7-1 Russia.

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