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The Academy of Medicine fears neurological consequences

Orange with media services, Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 9:00 PM

Sleep disturbances, mood disturbances and impairment of cognitive functioning may be neurological consequences of Covid-19.

Can we head for new waves of Covid in neurological or psychiatric services this time? If she’s not already thinking about the Academy of Medicine, she was warned via a press release published on Tuesday, May 31 and noticed by BFMTV. “The possibility of lingering symptom-matching consequences has now been raised by several follow-up studies of affected patients.

These mainly affect the neuropsychiatric field.

Some tests conducted on patients revealed damage to the “brain tissue” of the nervous system. againstLesions can witness neurological consequences. If Covid mainly affects the lungs, the reason may be that the brain has a lack of oxygen, which is called hypoxia, which leads to these lesions.

Specifically, patients experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, mood disturbances and diffuse headaches. Some studies even go so far as to emphasize it A decrease in cognitive performance of up to 10%. A British study in February had already revealed the link between neuroscience and Covid-19. It concluded that having the disease carries an additional risk of 39% for depression, 35% for anxiety and 41% for sleep disorders.

The magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic is of particular concern to the Academy of Medicine regarding its ability to care for patients who are victims of these neuropsychiatric disorders. Far from clear in the light pressure on the health system.

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