The 37-year-old actress felt dizzy and felt like vomiting and “died within 30 minutes.” The cause of death was actually related to blow drying her hair… The doctor revealed the reason | Entertainment | CTWANT

Malaysian actress Zhuang Qunshi passed away suddenly on the morning of the 28th. (Picture/reproduced from Queenzy Cheng Zhuang Qunshi Facebook)

On the morning of the 28th, Queenzy Cheng, a member of the Malaysian girl group “Four Girls”, was shocked to hear that she died suddenly during filming at the age of 37. The cause of death was a ruptured brain aneurysm. The male star who was filming with her at the time also reconstructed the incident, “From the time she said she felt dizzy to the time she passed away, the whole process only took 30 to 40 minutes.” Regarding this situation, the doctor also analyzed the cause.

According to China News, actor Cai Zi revealed that he started filming around 8:30 that morning, and could not see anything strange about Zhuang Qunshi. After filming the first episode, he changed clothes at 10:30 to prepare for the second episode. “It was about the costumes of the major ethnic groups in Malaysia, so she changed into a cheongsam.” Unexpectedly, after blow-drying her hair, she suddenly sat on a chair and felt dizzy, had a headache, and felt like vomiting, so the staff asked her to lie on her side. on the ground.

Cai Zi pointed out that a staff member familiar with first aid at the scene found that Zhuang Qunshi was unconscious but still breathing, but his heartbeat was very fast, and soon his lips, hands and feet turned purple. The ambulance arrived at the scene in 5 minutes, but was still pronounced dead after resuscitation. The process from discomfort to death only took 30 to 40 minutes.

Zhuang Qunshi went from complaining of dizziness to passing away in just 40 minutes. (Picture/reproduced from Queenzy Cheng Zhuang Qunshi Facebook)

In this regard, family doctor Cui Yaohao explained that the report mentioned that Zhuang Qunshi is usually in good health, so it is speculated that it is some congenital disease, possibly an aneurysm or cerebral arteriovenous malformation. In these two cases, a blood vessel suddenly bursts and he will feel dizzy. , very painful, and suddenly felt like vomiting, and the deceased complained of dizziness, headache, and wanting to vomit after blow drying his hair, which were obviously head and neurological symptoms.

Cui Yaohao reminded that aneurysms in the brain may not be discovered under normal circumstances. When a person is tired and the heat of hair drying is higher, resulting in faster blood circulation, the aneurysm may be broken. As for the possible causes of aneurysm bursting, they include being tired at work, blowing hair with too much heat, not sleeping well, and blood pressure suddenly soars. The blood vessels cannot support and burst, causing blood to flow continuously to the brain and causing a rapid heartbeat. Aneurysms are hereditary, so family members should pay special attention to them.

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