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That’s why we start our day with a glass of orange juice – 2024-04-21 06:53:10

If we follow modern nutritionist guidelines, we should aim to reduce our intake of sugar from all sources. However, this also means limiting the consumption of both fruit and fruit juices, including freshly squeezed ones.

However, a new study proves that starting the day with a glass of orange juice has health benefits.

To reach this conclusion, scientists from Toronto Metropolitan University studied the effects on appetite, food intake and glycemic response in adults after consumption of freshly squeezed orange juice and sugar-sweetened canned kupeshki.

The study involved 36 people of normal weight who were divided into three groups according to the type of drink they were supposed to drink. Some consumed fresh orange, others – sweetened orange juice, and others – only water.

The researchers found that people who drank freshly squeezed orange juice consumed fewer calories for the rest of the day and that their blood sugar levels were lower compared to people who drank sweetened juice.

The explanation for this effect, according to scientists, lies in the fact that the fresh fruit contains flavonoids, which slow down the digestion and absorption of sugar. This is precisely why there is no spike in blood glucose.

In addition, the researchers noticed that study participants who drank freshly squeezed orange juice at the start of the day consumed fewer calories at lunch than those who drank sweetened juice.

“They consume fewer calories, mainly by reducing their carbohydrate intake. “A little orange juice seems to go a long way,” says one of the study’s authors, Nick Bellissimo.

According to Ilana Mulstein, a registered dietitian and nutritionist in Los Angeles who did not work on the study, the most important finding is actually that the body clearly recognizes the difference between natural and added sugars. She also adds that she has always recommended that people drink water before meals. The reason is that it has a significant impact on lowering blood sugar levels.

“If someone wants to drink orange juice, I would advise them to stick to 100% orange juice, rather than sugar-sweetened ‘orange drink’, and if possible add some water to it to have a more positive blood result. sugar,” says Ilana Mulstein.

It is also useful to know that a glass of 250 ml. freshly squeezed orange juice contains no added sugar and provides us with 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. It also helps us get other essential vitamins and minerals, writes Fox News.


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