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Test-Driving Xiaomi SU7: Wang Teng’s Electric Power Experience Ranks it as Highly Recommended

Wang Teng test-drove Xiaomi SU7: The electric power on the floor was so cool, highly recommended

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Kuai Technology reported on March 15 that Xiaomi Automobile SU7 will be officially launched on March 28. Recently, Wang Teng, Redmi brand general manager and Redmi brand spokesperson, test-drove Xiaomi SU7.He said directly, “The control experience is great, and the floor oil (electricity) feels great. I highly recommend everyone to try it after it is launched.”

Wang Teng also revealed,It has many interesting smart designs built-in and is a very interesting extension.In addition to the three colors already released: Bay Blue, Elegant Gray, and Olive Green,There will also be other color options available.

Judging from a poll recently launched by Lei Jun with the participation of 59,000 people,The largest number of people choose Yahuifollowed by “other colors”, then bay blue, olive green.

It is reported that Xiaomi SU7 will be released on March 28.“Publish is delivered, and delivery is scaled up” will be realized

Things to note,Xiaomi Motors has not officially opened the blind ordering channel, and prohibits any cooperation channels or individuals from conducting blind ordering, collecting deposits/deposits, etc.

Only static tastings will be arranged before the launch, and test drives can be arranged after the official launch.

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