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Terrifying underground monsters in the new Evil West trailer

Developers of a bloody shooter about a vampire hunter Western evil continue to fuel players’ interest in the game. This time, the Flying Wild Hog studio has dedicated a new trailer to the terrifying underground monster Gowrow.

The monster has a massive back and jaw, with a bunch of long teeth. Gowrow’s entire body is covered in tree roots, dirt, and moss. The enemy has huge hands and long claws, with which he can strike the player at a decent distance.

Gowrow moves quickly underground and leaps out upon its prey. Therefore, players must watch their feet carefully. Also, the enemy can throw large boulders that deal a lot of damage.


An ominous threat looms over American soil. As one of the last agents of a top-secret organization to capture vampires, you are humanity’s last hope in the face of the ingrained horror that emerges from the darkness. Defend the Wild West: Become a superhero, eradicate the vampire menace and save the United States!

Publication Western evil Coming November 22nd to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. The game has already gone gold.

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