Tensions and Amendments: Ukraine-Hungary Relations

Mentser stated that in Ukraine the Hungarian community began to be continuously “deprived of its rights eight years ago.”

“We, of course, will carefully evaluate yesterday’s decision of the Ukrainian parliament, but it is already clear that it is far from returning the rights of 2015. At the same time, we are constantly monitoring the implementation,” said the Secretary of State of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

Relations between Ukraine and Hungary

It is worth clarifying that relations between the countries also worsened in 2017, when the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on education, which stipulates that the language of the educational process in educational institutions is the state language, but in accordance with the educational program one or more disciplines can be taught in two and more languages. This, in turn, repeatedly caused indignation on the part of Hungary, which accused Ukraine of the alleged problems of “national minorities in Transcarpathia,” and meanwhile the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban was regularly distinguished by whining and absurd statements.

Amendments to the Law on National Minorities

This Friday, December 8, the Verkhovna Rada approved a number of bills, among which was No. 10288-1 on the protection of the rights of national minorities in certain areas, taking into account the recommendations of the Council of Europe. All laws have already been signed by President Vladimir Zelensky.

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