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Teng! In 6 days these 3 types of fuel are banned, Pertalite fuel is replaced with methane fuel

Vehicles queue for fuel at gas stations in Jambi City…

JAKARTA, JAMBIEKSPRES.CO.ID—Teng! Since 1 January 2023, the government has prohibited the trade of three types of fuel in Indonesian territory.

The countdown from today (12/25) means that with only 6 days left, fuel with an octane rating below 90 must disappear from the market.

The three types of fuel that are banned for sale are RON 87 BBM, RON 88 BBM (premium petrol) and RON 89 BBM.

As regards this legislation, it complies with the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number 245.K/MG.01/MEM.M/2022.


Motorcycles using CNG as a substitute for Pertalite fuel can save IDR 6.9 million annually

Trading in the contents of the fuel octane rules below 90 RON is prohibited, especially in relation to the basic price formula in the calculation of retail prices for general fuel grades for fuel and diesel distributed through service stations and/or Fisherman service stations.

The information about the ban on the sale of fuel types below 90 RON was confirmed directly by a member of the Committee for Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (Bph Migas) named Saleh Abdurrahman on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

“As of 2023, only RON 90 and above can circulate. The point is, below RON 87, 88, 89 can no longer circulate,” said Saleh Abdurrahman.

Saleh Abdurrahman said that, judging by the new rules, fuel below 90 RON cannot be reused later because it takes into account the standard and quality (specification) of domestically marketed 88 RON petrol fuel.

In Article 1, the FIRST Dictum states that there is a change in the provisions of which the rules are written as follows:

Quoting from the JDIH Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, FIRST:

a) Determine the basic price formula as a guideline for calculating the retail selling price, an integral part of this ministerial decree.

b) The basic price formula for the general fuel type RON 89 RON 89 as indicated in the Appendix which is an integral part of this Ministerial Decree is valid until 31 December 2022.


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