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Tempe Crime: Buyer’s Appeal Rejected – Will Apologize For Bullying – 2024-04-21 06:03:13

The appeals board of Larisa rejected the appeal of the former regional governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos for the correlation of his case file with the overall case file for the crime of Tempe.

The rejection of his appeal comes while investigations continue on the privately-owned plot of land “Pandremmenos” in Pigadia, Larissa, where 25 trucks with soil and inert materials were transported after the collision. At the scene, as the investigator himself confirmed to the victims’ relatives, animal bones were found.

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Kostas Agorastos, who is being prosecuted for dereliction of duty for tampering with the scene of the train collision, is expected to apologize to the appellate investigator.

The former regional governor maintains that he had no responsibility for the decision to raze the area. It is recalled that he invoked his criminal prosecution and the right to remain silent in order not to testify at the Commission of Inquiry on Tempi.

Today the apologies to the appellant investigator of two employees of ERGOSE are scheduled after the criminal prosecution brought against them for the felony of disrupting the safety of transportation committed by acts, actions and omissions and for the misdemeanors of homicide, grievous bodily harm and minor personal injury caused by serial negligence.

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