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Telepass –

You will no longer see Telepass at motorway toll booths, from now on everything really changes. Italians will no longer be forced.

Hundreds and hundreds of motorists set out on the road every day and travel kilometers and kilometers on the motorway. The latter is a long-distance road for which use is necessary pay a toll. We proceed with the balance thanks to the motorway toll booths.

Until a few years ago the only way to pay the motorway toll was to arrive at the toll booth and then proceed by paying the attendant. Then things changed and the technology has also arrived on the highways. The real turning point came with the birth of Telepass.

The company following the signing of a subscription gave a small device to the motorist who no longer needed to stand in line for hours at the toll booth to pay. The amount was debited directly from the individual’s current account.

Even today the operation of Telepass is the same. The motorist can pass through the toll booth without having to queue and then continue with his journey. Subscribing to a subscription is especially convenient for those who travel many kilometers on the motorway, as it allows them to enjoy much more comfortable journeys.

A monopoly that lasted for years

Telepass’s monopoly on motorway tolls has lasted for many years. Until not long ago, the one proposed by the company was the only device capable of offering the possibility of skipping the queues. A real supremacy that has even led to identification the entire service under the Telepass name.

For all drivers who travel many kilometers by car, it was almost completely normal rely on the company, by subscribing to one of the subscriptions it offers. Generally this was possible via the website, at Punto Blu and post offices.

Telepass -
Telepass –

A supremacy now over

For some months now, alternatives to the Telepass device have been presented on the market. The operation is more or less the same, but dualism is emerging as regards the prices charged and the extra services offered.

The first company to give a run for its money Telepass is Unipol with its Unipolmove, which offers very convenient offers. The service was equally appreciated Mooney, also destined to be a great antagonist of telepass.

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