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Taylor Swift: How she managed to win the Olympics – 2024-05-13 13:11:43

American landing in Paris. The French capital is inundated these days with American visitors who combine a trip to their favorite European city – many who do not have a very clear picture of geopolitics believe that Paris is the capital of Europe as a whole – with the pleasure of enjoying their favorite Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) in one of the four concerts that the American artist will give at the Defense Arena, on the outskirts of the city.

Five times as many Americans are thought to eventually travel to Paris to see Taylor Swift than will travel in the summer to watch the Olympics. That’s the assessment of New York-based luxury travel agency Embark Beyond. “It goes without saying that both for the Olympic Games and for the concerts of the billionaire artist, those interested have booked their tickets for months,” notes the Bloomberg agency.

Taylor Swift’s American “followers” who will travel to Paris to see her are the ones who are driving up five-figure ticket prices to her concerts

“Paris authorities have been preparing for years for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, as they expect around 2 million foreign visitors to flock to the city. But the Taylor Swift phenomenon is unique” emphasizes the American agency. Theoretically 160,000 spectators will attend the four “shows” of the artist, as the Défense Arena can accommodate 40,000 spectators. But reports published in foreign, mainly American and French, media reveal that some die-hard fans have purchased tickets to watch all four shows! Of course, paying a total of over 1,000 euros or dollars to be more precise, because Taylor made the “deal” with the French in dollars.

American followers

Ticket prices range from $49 to $499 plus tax but, according to the Los Angeles Times, tickets sold on the “secondary” market (“black” or “grey” as we call it here in Europe) are reaching 11,000 dollars. The law of supply and demand in all its glory. The price is not unprecedented, because the “Swifties” pay accordingly for the performances of their beloved in the USA. In this case, the attention of the French authorities is not to repeat the phenomena of selling fake tickets in Paris, as happened recently in her performances in London.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a setback for those who want to attend the European leg of the pop star’s ‘Eras ​​Tour’. “I could never have imagined such a thing. Taylor overshadows even the Olympics” Embark travel agency co-founder Jack Eason told Bloomberg. Because the issue isn’t Taylor Swift’s European friends queuing up and paying whatever it takes to see her. It is her American “followers” who are driving up the ticket prices of their indalma to five figures.


Paris in general, however, has a lot to gain from the “Taylor Swift” phenomenon, especially at a time when bookings from the US for the Olympics in July and August are still not meeting expectations, hence the booking prices in hotels have fallen by around 30%. Jack Eason has revealed that the thousands of Americans he has flown on the more than 200 trips he has organized for the pop star’s concerts will stay an average of three nights in the French capital, mostly in luxury hotels such as the Plaza Athenee, the Hotel de Crillon and Bristol. 20% of them have asked to extend their stay in Europe to visit other destinations, mainly London and the South of France.

Contributed $4.3 billion to US GDP

Wherever she goes and wherever she goes, the 35-year-old artist brings with her and spreads wealth. She is capable of boosting even national economies, which was officially documented in her recent tours of Australia and Singapore. Moreover, according to Bloomberg Economics estimates, in 2023 during the first round of concerts he gave in the United States he contributed to the American GDP by 4.3 billion dollars.

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