Taking off your shoes at the door…culture or health risk?

In what some people consider a culture limited to specific peoples, guests, and even residents of the house itself, are asked to take off their shoes at the door and leave them outside, or to place them on a shelf at the entrance to the apartment. But are there health reasons for doing this, especially since it may anger many people?

To answer this question, Gabriel Filippelli, the principal professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Purdue College Indianapolis at Indiana University, said in statements to the American CNN network that this method has “health benefits,” considering that it is “necessary to protect children and the elderly in particular.” From some types of bacterial infections“.

He also continued: “We can track all types of bacteria, but certainly some of the bacteria that worry us most are Escherichia coli, which causes severe abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting.”“.

He added: “There were studies that surveyed the bottom of shoes, where 99% of the soles were found to contain germs that cause these symptoms.”“.

However, bacteria are not the only danger that dirty shoes may bring into the home. According to University of Colorado Environmental Studies Professor Jill Litt, “studies have shown that in urban areas where there are older homes, lead dust can enter the home after it becomes attached to… surface of shoes“.

2023-12-09 20:34:10

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