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Taiwanese Businessman Exposes Sex Scam on Sugarbook and Sugar Baby Care Network: Beware of Fraudulent Foster Partners

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2024.03.04 05:58 Taipei time

Paul, a Taiwanese businessman, complained to this magazine that at the beginning of this year, he was looking for foster partners on Sugarbook and the “Sugar Baby Care Network”. Most of the people who went to appointments were not the ones on the website, and regardless of whether they had sex or not, they had to pay a “meeting fee” of 2,500 to 8,000 yuan. , finally met a beautiful woman who could spend 20,000 yuan to have sex, but he was unwilling to continue the “dating”. Finally, he finally met a support partner who allowed him to “exchange real money for fake love”. The other party was actually involved in a sex scam. “Queen of Liquor Country” has been making a big splash in the news.

“I admit that I go to a foster website to buy sex, and it doesn’t matter if I exchange real money for fake love, but the other party used fraud to deceive me, which is really bad!” Paul (pseudonym), a Taiwanese businessman, told this magazine that earlier this year, he went to Sugarbook and “Sugar Baby Foster Network” “Looking for a support partner, I unexpectedly encountered a series of deceptions. I thought these two websites had been invaded by skinning groups and had become a hotbed for fraud.

Sugarbook, a nurturing website, was invaded by a scalping agent group, and many netizens were defrauded. (Photo taken from the Internet)

Paul, who is less than 40 years old, is a Taiwanese businessman who often travels between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and the United States. He just completed the preparation plan for his company’s listing in the United States at the beginning of the year and returned to Taiwan for a long vacation. Because he was single and lonely, he went to Baoyang.com to have fun. There were many young and old people on the page. Beautiful girl, stunning to look at. Paul said: “After leaving a message, the other party replies about 80% of the time.” Since the girl’s face on the webpage is always covered with a thin mosaic, or there is only a coquettish back, you must add Line or WeChat after the other party responds. Only by becoming friends can you see the true face of Mount Lu.

No one on the Taiwan Sweetheart Baby Care Network can see the woman’s true face, and you have to add her as a friend to have further contact. (Photo taken from the Internet)

Paul excitedly asked the girls to meet, but 7 of the 10 girls looked ordinary and were not even the person in the photos on the website. Even so, according to the prior agreement, he still had to pay a meeting fee ranging from 2,500 yuan to 8,000 yuan. Finally, Paul made an appointment with one or two beautiful “selfs”. Since his purpose was to have sex, he directly paid 20,000 yuan for a night trip. He just had some feelings and wanted to maintain a love that was built with money, but the other party didn’t want to. Too much involvement made him feel like going to a prostitute, only more expensive.

Zhang Jiayu, known as the “Kunling of Liquor Country”, once defrauded wealthy businessmen of tens of millions of dollars and was sentenced to prison. Recently, he has returned to the limelight. (provided by readers)

Finally, he met a girl with excellent appearance who was willing to continue dating after paying 20,000 yuan to sleep with her. She called herself Zhang Jiayu. Paul thought that meeting Zhang was like finding spring, but unexpectedly he stepped into a love trap. Because he didn’t know that “Zhang Jiayu”, whose real name is Shen Shuxin, had been involved in sex fraud under the name “Queen Ling of Wine Country” and had been widely reported by the media.

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