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Taiwan stocks will rise after the 10,000-fifth mark? | Anue Ju Heng-Taiwan Stock News

Wanbao Investment Gu Chen Zirong pointed out that in the new year, Taiwan stocks have a super hot gesture, and they rushed to 15,000 points without looking back. The benchmark stock TSMC (2330-TW), MediaTek (2454-TW) The stock price reached a record high together, Hon Hai (2317-TW) Knocking off one hundred yuan, even the long-silent stock king Da Liguang (3008-TW) Also rallied by 5% during the intraday market. Thousands of stocks in the intraday listed cabinet rose in total, which made many investors laugh and laugh.

Although the enthusiasm of Taiwan stocks has temporarily swept away the haze caused by the epidemic last year, the threat of the epidemic has not really subsided. The new coronavirus that appeared at the end of last year has at least four mutations so far, and the speed of infection is faster. Scientists estimate that the infectivity of the mutant virus strain is at least 56% higher than that of the original virus strain, including the United States, Europe, Singapore, China, and even Taiwan. This news has caused more panic, but it also means that people’s sensitivity and demand for their own health care will continue to increase significantly. This part can also be observed from the analysis of the sales of wearable devices last year.

According to IDC’s survey, global wearable device sales are estimated to reach 396 million units in 2020, an annual growth rate of 14.5%. Among them, ear-worn devices accounted for 59.2%, followed by smart medical and health-related watches with 23.1% and bracelets 17.1%; the annual growth of ear-worn devices and watches was 68% and 32%, respectively The most obvious beneficiary of the wearable device-related supply chain is the carrier group. Among them, the demand for system-in-package SiP carrier boards is even stronger.

The SiP carrier board is light, small and thin, just suitable for use in wearable devices, and has a wide range of applications, including TWS (True Wireless Bluetooth Headset), smart watches, heart rate regulators, camera modules, AR, etc., are very suitable. It has also recently been reported in the market that Apple may launch a new TWS this year. The new product will use a flexible board plus a SiP carrier board design to replace the past rigid-flex board, so it is like Zhending-KY(4958-TW), Tai County (6269-TW), Huatong (2313-TW) It has been reported that the layout of the module manufacturing process and the production of flexible boards have been launched to attack the market.

Wanbao Investment Gu Chen Zirong pointed out that in addition to the demand for SiP substrates, ABF substrates are also open for business opportunities. Manufacturers are still full of orders to accelerate production expansion. The performance has been booming from last year to this year, and the stock price is even more red. I have shared with you many times before (8046-TW), Keibo (3189-TW) The stock prices continued to rise sharply. On Monday (1/4), China Southern Electric hit the rising limit again and Jingsus rose 5%.

Recently recommended to everyone, including 12/10 Zyxel (3704-TW) The stock price rose from 26.75 yuan to 41.6 yuan, an increase of 14.85 yuan, an increase of 56%; 12/18 Taiwan Watch Branch (6278-TW) The stock price rose from 124.5 yuan to 138 yuan, an increase of 13.5 yuan, an increase of 10.84%; more recently, the recommended stability of 12/31 (3105-TW) The stock price immediately rose from 346 yuan to a maximum of 375.5 yuan. It rose by 29.5 yuan, or 8.53%, in just one trading day.

Wanbao Investment Counsel Chen Zirong pointed out that as Taiwan stocks continue to advance, although the overall environment is still optimistic, it is recommended that investors should be cautious in their operations, select high-quality stocks, and match their chips to opportunistic layouts, so that they can earn indexes and stocks. , A win-win situation for face and lining.

Tai County (6269-TW) Apple’s mobile phone battery backplane design has undergone a major revision. The SiP combined with flexible board modular design will replace the flexible and hard board. Taiwan County has an additional capital expenditure of 6.7 billion yuan to expand production on both sides of the strait. The high-end module production capacity is mainly in Kaohsiung and The new plant is scheduled for trial production in the first quarter, and the production capacity in the second quarter is gradually opened, and the expansion in the third quarter will contribute to the performance; the Kunshan plant is a late-stage process expansion and is estimated to be 2 to 3 months later than Kaohsiung’s new production capacity; for expansion plans, Taiwan County intends to issue ECB 150 millionUSD

Jialianyi (6153-TW) Due to Huawei’s ban, Samsung’s market share of foldable phones is estimated to increase to 88% last year, and Jialianyi’s performance is expected to follow up; Jialianyi is the first to obtain an order for Apple’s iPhone 12 TWS and is a new entrant to the AirPods series. Yi will obtain AirPods 3 headset soft board and charging box soft board orders. The order is expected to significantly contribute to revenue and profit from the second quarter; the benefits will return to Apple’s full product line soft board supply chain. Apple’s revenue will grow by at least 1 times, and the net profit per share (EPS) is expected to reach more than 5 yuan.

Keibo (3189-TW) BT and ABF are in short supply, and orders are full. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the two major product lines will have a wave of price increases. Together with Xinxing fire transfer orders, Jingsus’ revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020 is expected to grow by more than 12%. , Better than expected; BT carrier board accounts for about 50% of revenue. The production line in the first quarter of this year is fully loaded, and ABF carrier board accounts for about 25% of revenue. Orders have been seen in the third quarter; benefited from increased demand for wearable devices, the system Level-of-package SiP substrates are expected to boost revenue; capital expenditures are expected to increase from 6 billion yuan last year to 7 billion yuan this year.

Of course, there are some good stocks that still have an advantage in short-term chips under the high-end index fluctuations, including related stocks such as AI and 5G. However, due to the limited space, please go directly to the fan club and have a look. The public, there is help.

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