Strikes in times of crisis, brazen demands or good law?

G.good evening, Marie Lisa Kehler Deputy Head of the Regional Branch of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Mistakes happen: the question is how to deal with them. The Hessian SPD publicly apologized for a failed salute on Wednesday and eventually received praise for admitting the mistake. There is also applause for the RMV transport company, which […]

Minibuses can be ordered in multiple cities and districts on arrival – dpa

S.They are called “Hoppers” or “Colibri” and they come when they are called: minibuses that today pass through seven municipalities in the Rhine-Main area. These are “on demand” offers that go beyond the strict route plans and can be ordered by phone or app. The Offenbach district started in the summer of 2019. By the […]

Hesse: Disused railway traces are reactivated

AndA railway signal pole, partly coated with a tree, stands in the middle of a small park. Rails or trains: none. There has not been a teach to Groß-zimmern in southern Hesse for many years. The signal tree and a plaque next to it are just a reminder of wherever the station was before it […]

Autonomous driving in the districts of Offenbach and Darmstadt

Vfrom Dreieich to Seligenstadt with a driverless minibus? Book the vehicle and pay for the journey via app? No more hassle with unfriendly but unfamiliar chauffeurs? future music? Yes, yes. But the first tones are softly audible. The first driverless shuttle buses should be on the road in Darmstadt and in the Offenbach district as […]

Enormous demand for the nine-euro ticket in the Rhine-Main region

Dhe nine-euro ticket, which has been available nationwide since Monday, is in great demand in Hesse. The sale of the cheap monthly tickets for June, July and August got off to a good start, said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn. Nationwide, around 50,000 tickets were sold in the early hours of the morning alone via […]

More trains for the Odenwaldbahn

Rhein-Main ⋅ At first glance, the Odenwaldbahn, which runs from Erbach in the direction of Frankfurt and Darmstadt, appears to be a success story. The number of passengers is increasing, the train is more popular than almost anywhere else, because it gives commuters a comfortable journey to the big cities, also because of the modern […]

Autonomous driving in the Rhine-Main area

Vo It is likely that in seven to eight years the new on-demand shuttles of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) could transport their passengers autonomously and without a driver. RMV managing director Knut Ringat announced this on Friday. From the mid-twenties onwards, he would also like to make the range of hybrid call taxis and buses available […]

Why RMV’s on-demand systems are so good

Dhe on-demand shuttle service in Taunusstein is a smart step forward because it can intelligently change mobility behavior. Private cars are idle around 90 percent of the day on average. This is not only inefficient and expensive, it also ensures that seemingly endless tin caravans stand on the roadsides in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and other cities […]