Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make an inspiring decoration in their loft

Blake Lively I buy an penthouse on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in New York, United States, after having gone to see him several times with Ryan Reynolds. Costing $7.5 million, this duplex-style property offers exceptional views of Madison Square and the famous Flatiron Building. Inside Blake Lively’s penthouse the new house of Blake Lively, built […]

Orhan Murad’s ex broke him! He sells his house and goes to the village

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“Great… ”The photo posted by Jia Lee, surprised everyone (+photo)

Actor Lee Ji-ah showed off the hidden health beauty. On the 28th, Lee Ji-ah released photos and videos of herself through her personal Instagram. In the video, Jia Lee is showing off her superior proportions wearing crop tops and pants in what appears to be a costume studio. Crop-top, which means short top, is derived […]

“It’s a thin… ”Penthouse Shim Su-ryun seems to have come back to life

SBS’Penthouse’ – The resurrection rumor of Shim Su-ryun (played by Lee Ji-ah) who died in the SBS Friday and Saturday drama’Penthouse Season 1’is a hot topic among netizens. On the 4th episode of’Penthouse Season 2’broadcast on the 27th, a picture suddenly appeared in the scene mentioning the birth mother of Joo Joong-hoon (played by Kim […]

“I’m a minor… ”Penthouse Ha Eun-byul, even the’pregnancy’

Below SBS’Penthouse’ – Ha Eun-byul (played by Choi Ye-bin), the daughter of Seo-jin Cheon (played by Kim So-yeon) of the SBS Friday and Saturday drama’Penthouse Season 2′(hereinafter referred to as Penthouse 2), has been raised. In episode 2 of’Penthouse 2’broadcasted on the 20th, Ha Eun-byul seemed to be hiding a man in his room. In […]

“It was shock and fear itself”… ‘Penha’ scene that surprised netizens (video)

Netizens were astonished at the scene of’Penthouse 2’kissing Shin Eun-kyung and Bong Tae-gyu. Below SBS’Penthouse 2′ – In the second episode of SBS’Penthouse 2’on the 20th, Lee Gyu-jin (played by Bong Tae-gyu), who drunk too much, was carried by Ko Sang-ah (played by Yoon Joo-hee) and Kang Mari (played by Shin Eun-kyung) and returned home. […]