Nindy Ever Asked Not To Be Beaten, Askara’s Reply Shocked

Jakarta – Nindy Ayunda back to the story about the problem of her divorce with Askara Parasady Harsono. She revealed the form of domestic violence she experienced from her ex -husband. Nindy Ayunda admitted that since December 2020 she has separated from her house with Askara Parasady Harsono. Instead of making peace, Askara is said […]

Rumored Cheating by Nindy, Olla Ramlan Disappointed His Good Name Was Damaged

Jakarta – Olla Ramlan continue to be questioned about what is rumored by Nindy Ayunda about him. Olla Ramlan who was getting bored gave a striking statement. Regarding his attitude to Nindy Ayunda, Olla Ramlan hinted that it was a natural thing. As a longtime friend, Olla Ramlan feels that he deserves to be disappointed […]