HBO Max has more subscribers than expected

In connection with a report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, AT&T has announced that HBO and HBO Max together now have 73.8 million subscribers. Clearly more than the company expected the services to have by the end of 2021. Something that was first noticed by The Verge. At the end of 2020, the number […]

Then the drama series Severance will be released on Apple TV Plus

On February 18, the first two episodes of the acclaimed drama series Severance will be released Apple TV Plus. The series is about a team at Lumon Industries, whose employees have undergone a voluntary surgical procedure that divides their memories between work and private life. But a divisive mystery forces leader Mark Scout (Adam Scott) […]

Nvidia Geforce Now with RTX 3080 is now available in Europe

Nvidia announces now that their Geforce Now with RTX 3080 will arrive in Europe in December. Users who pre-ordered a six-month subscription to the new service will have it activated at some point during the month. Geforce Now with RTX 3080 makes it possible to stream games in up to 1440p resolution and 120 frames […]

Spotify: Albums are no longer played at random “for Adele”

Music albums are no longer played in random play mode by default on Spotify. Previously, the so-called “Shuffle” mode, which plays songs in random order, was also preset when playing albums. If you wanted to play an album in the order specified by the musicians, you had to manually deactivate random playback. With the change, […]

Amazon Prime Video is now available as an app for Mac

Do you have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video From now on, you can avoid watching your movies and TV shows through the browser on your Mac. Amazon has released an official app that can be downloaded free of charge from Mac App Store. The app has been created using the Catalyst platform, which means […]

Here are all the new Marvel series that are on their way to Disney Plus

In connection with its marketing event Disney Plus Day, the house of mice announced that they have as many as 14 new Marvel TV series on their way to the streaming service. They are as follows: Hawkeye which follows the archer of the same name played by Jeremy Renner which premieres November 24. Moon Knight […]

Confirmed: Stranger Things season 4 will be released

The wait has been long, and there is still some waiting for the next season of Stranger Things. But now there is at least a more definite time frame for when the fourth season will be released. Netflix has on its Twitter account confirmed that season four of the series will be released sometime during […]

Netflix releases trailer for season 2 of The Witcher

Netflix has now released the trailer for season 2 of the popular fantasy series The Witcher. The new season will premiere on December 17 on the streaming service and consists of eight new episodes. Season 1 of The Witcher premiered on December 20, 2019. The recording of season 2 was then delayed due to the […]

Apple Music may be on its way to Playstation 5

Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music may be on its way to Sony’s gaming console Playstation 5, reports Eurogamer. At least two different people have posted pictures online showing how Apple Music suddenly appeared on their Playstation 5’s music menu. The opportunity to choose Apple Music should have emerged in connection with the people creating […]

Disney Plus is expected to remake Netflix within 5 years

Disney Plus continues to attract new subscribers, thanks in large part to an intensive effort to increase the range of available movies and TV series. According to a new report from Digital TV Research quoted by The Hollywood Reporter Disney Plus will have 284.2 million subscribers by 2026, which means that it will pass market-leading […]