Galkin and Orbakaite’s shared secret is now known

Trying to fool the common people, Kristina Orbakaite has found someone to expose. The singer’s words that the castle of Maxim Galkin * and Alla Pugacheva is not for sale turned out to be false. The artist did not want everyone to know what was happening in the mud mansion, so he had to hush […]

Galkin’s New Year’s video from the castle infuriated people

From year to year, many colleagues of Maxim Galkin* and Alla Pugacheva could envy the elegant New Year’s Eve in Gryaz Castle. The star couple never skimped on the decoration of the apartments, paying attention to every corner. An archive video from one of the family holidays appeared on the Web, where Galkin clearly showed […]

Lisa and Harry don’t know the state of things

Maxim Galkin* shared his plans for life without Alla Pugacheva. The parodist was initially ready for the Prima Donna to leave this world much earlier than him. Of course, try not to talk about this topic in public. However, he does not hide the fact that the singer has spoken to him more than once […]

Pugacheva “hooked” her nine-year-old daughter on anti-aging procedures (photo)

Alla Pugacheva, who settled in Israel with twins Lisa and Harry, devoted herself entirely to their education. But some of the Primadonna’s actions raise questions. Recently, the husband of the star Maxim Galkin * posted a touching photo of his wife and daughter on social networks. However, fans quickly noticed something was wrong. Both Pugacheva […]

called the reason for the drastic changes in Galkin’s appearance

“Galkin has really turned into an old man. It’s all because of his mental anguish. He understands that he is lost. It’s always difficult to settle in a new place. Both Galkin and Pugacheva. And he was practically left without the most important thing in life: he lost full halls, stability. Therefore, to me, her […]

Money hungry Galkin will have a hard time

Maxim Galkin * may lose part of the proceeds from the sale of the castle in the village of Gryaz money. That’s a pretty decent amount. For the most talked about structure in the country, the star family wants to help one billion rubles. In conversation with the portal BLITZ + lawyer Alexander Benkhin explained […]

Who captured the empty castle of Pugacheva and Galkin: now we know

“The fate of the Pugachev-Galkin castle has been determined. He won’t take anyone! It will fall into ruin, it will simply become a ruin. Soon the crows will build their nests there, the cow parsnip will flood the abandoned site. From there, the driver Pugacheva and his family also want to be expelled – because […]

Lavrov expressed the unenviable fate of Galkin and Pugacheva

“As for the aging of Pugacheva and Galkin, even now times are difficult. If it hadn’t been for all this, maybe she would have aged quietly. Yet they have children. My husband works and brings money home. And a person of old age doesn’t need a lot of money. The casino, thank God, was closed. […]