Li Keqiang chaired the National Standing Committee: Ensure Reasonable Demand for Epidemic Prevention Materials and Import Urgent Goods |

Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council of China held a State Council executive meeting on Tuesday (December 20), demanding that the economy be consolidated and stabilized and operations kept within a reasonable range; measures should be strengthened to ensure the supply and price stability of key products to ensure people’s livelihood needs, anti-epidemic materials […]

Biden, Li Keqiang Attend ASEAN Summit, Southeast Asian Countries Face Elections | South China Sea | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, 11 novembre 2022](Full report by Epoch Times reporter Xia Song)asean summitOpened in Cambodia this morning (11), President of the United Statesbidenwith the Premier of the State Council of the Communist Party of ChinaLi KeqiangI will participate tomorrow.Against the backdrop of the US-China confrontation, the ASEAN countries have to facechoose your sideStanding. According […]

What signal did the CCP deliver to a distinctive operating group to place strain on the neighborhood space? | Li Keqiang | State Council | Stabilize the financial industry

[The Epoch Times, 29 agosto 2022](Reported by Epoch Moments reporters Ning Haizhong and Luo Ya) Chinese PremierLi KeqiangAfter not long ago incorporating far more funds to throw out the financial bailout policy, theCondition Division“A number of” led by the Ministerstabilize the economic systemwatch overand the service operating group ”. What is the distinctive intention powering […]

6 provinces and a few cities assist the entire state? Students: It is tough for a large province to secure by itself | Li Keqiang | Economic Province | Tax deficit

[TheEpochTimes19agosto2022](Described by Epoch Situations reporters Ning Haizhong and Luo Ya) Chinese PremierLi KeqiangA several times in the past he appeared in Guangdong and gave 6 lectures in Shenzhen.Financial provinceIn a symposium with prime government officials, 4 coastal provinces had been named to total the “transform around job.” In modern years, the expressing that “6 provinces […]

Nine Men Brutally Attack A Woman Sparks Public Outrage in China All

TANGSHAN, – Nine people arrested in China after a viral video of the brutal attack by a group of men against women in Tangshan city, according to a police report. On social media, videos of women being attacked in this restaurant have been flooded with comments from Chinese netizens. Mostly criticize the action violence […]