Metro police investigate GP Ansor’s report on alleged insults to Faizal Assegaf

Jakarta – Youth Movement (GP) Ansor This was reported by DKI Jakarta Faizal Assegaf at the Polda Metro Jaya in the aftermath of a tweet deemed defamatory addressed to the President General of the PBNU Yahya Cholil Staquf (Gus Yahya). Polda Metro has received the report. “Yes, the report has been received,” Polda Jaya Kombes […]

There is a bomb threat, the NCT 127 concert at ICE BSD is not postponed

Southern Tangerang – Place of the concert group of guys Korean originNCT 127, at ICE BSD, South Tangerang, a bomb was threatened. Police assure that the concert will continue even after the threat has not been proven. “So far I have spoken with the police chief of the resort, there are no delays (the concert),” […]

Police reveal the roles of 2 swaying singing committees under investigation

Jakarta – The police asked the two organizers of the concert for an official statement Singing and rocking in Isora Senayan, in central Jakarta. Both were questioned by Central Jakarta’s subway police because the music event knocked dozens of spectators out of their hands. Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Komarudin said the two witnesses […]

The manual ticket is prohibited, the Polanta now focus on traffic surveillance and regulation

Jakarta – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo prohibit members from doing manual ticket to avoid fraudulent loopholes. Under the direction of the Chief of the National Police, Polantas members are now focusing on traffic regulation and the provision of community services. Polda Metro traffic director Jaya Kombes Latif Usman said eliminating this manual […]

Police arrest man for disposing of woman’s body under Becakayu toll road!

Bekasi – The police move quickly to find out the results female corpse acronym AY (36), which was found under the Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu (Becakayu) toll road. Police have now arrested the man suspected of disposing of the body. “Those who eliminated the victims have been made safe,” Polda Jaya Kombes subway director general Hengki Haryadi […]