PD Sharp Insinuations About TGB As Commissioner of a Sharia Bank

Jakarta – Former Governor of NTB M Zainul Majdi or Tuan Guru Bajang is appointed as Commissioner of Bank Syariah Indonesia. Member of Commission VI of the Democratic Party (PD) Herman Khaeron mentioned that the position is a reward because TGB is a supporter of the government. “So far, TGB has been a supporter of … Read more

Anyep & ARB! This Row Of Stocks Biang Kerok IHSG Jeblok

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) closed down 0.64% to 6,088.40 on Tuesday (10/8/21), the day before the 1 Muharram 1443 Hijri holiday which fell on Wednesday (11/8) today, was pushed back. a day from the supposed holiday last Tuesday. IDX data noted that the JCI had fallen more than 1.2%, … Read more

Association Speaks About Jusuf Hamka’s Complaints About Sharia Banks

Jakarta – Toll road entrepreneur Jusuf Hamka recounted his bad experience from a private Islamic bank. He even revealed, sharia banks crueler than conventional banks. He experienced bad experiences ranging from being difficult to pay off debts to wanting to extort Rp 20 billion. The Indonesian Sharia Bank Association (Asbisindo) also responded to the incident. … Read more