Brive hospital hires actors to play fake patients, angry caregivers

The process is difficult to pass with the nursing staff of the Brive hospital (Corrèze). To assess the care of patients, the management decided to employ actors who pretend to be sick in six departments of the establishment, report The mountain, Thursday 2 December 2021. The method, known only to the head doctors and service […]

RIGHT WRONG. Does France really attract too many immigrants?

Immigration goes hand in hand in the plural: economic, family, humanitarian … “The public debate on immigration is dominated by questions of identity and security, and when the economic angle is addressed, only the short-term aspects in terms of employment and public finances are mentioned”, explain the authors of the note, economists Emmanuelle Auriol and […]

Gonidec case: “His protocol was millimeter”, they testify against the forgery

Subscriber content Saturday November 13, 2021 8:20 PM … On October 12, Nicolas Gonidec, former elected representative of Quimper (Finistère), was sentenced to one year in prison for illegal exercise of the nursing profession and sexual assault. Since then, complaints from women have multiplied. On Saturday, several of them decided to free the floor. © […]