Schedule of Pfizer, Sinovac and Moderna Vaccine Events for the Cianjur Community

KARAWANGPOST – Many people are still looking for information on the registration of the covid-19 vaccine and are desperately needed by the community. Vaccination is very important to do during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to suppress the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Covid-19 Vaccination Schedule for the Community Cianjur from Monday to Sunday (11-17 […]

It’s been 3 months since the stock of BCG and Polio vaccines in Cianjur is empty

Cianjur: BCG and Polio vaccine stocks for babies in Cianjur, West Java, since the last three months there has been a vacancy due to delays in delivery from the center. The Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Cianjur Health Office, Yusman Faisal, said that he had been submitting the application for several months. […]

Two Mass Organizations Clash in Cianjur, One Dies

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ormas Youth of Pancasila and the Banten Large Family Potential Development Agency (BPPKB) were involved in clashes at the Cianjur-Sukabumi border, West Java. Precisely in Gekbrong Village, Cianjur on Sunday afternoon (26/9). The two organizations also clashed using sharp weapons. As a result, one person was reported to have died. Cianjur […]

7 Facts about Beautiful Celebrities Like Live Nude Arrested, Number 6 Surprises

DENPASAR, – Selebgram beautiful who was arrested in a live case naked and masturbating in the application live streaming officially identified as a suspect. The woman with the initials RR was presented directly at the release of the case in Denpasar Police, Bali, Monday (20/9/2021). RR was seen wearing orange prison clothes. RR who […]

For those who know Ilham Rohmatuloh, don’t be surprised, he’s caught

Cianjur Police Chief, West Java, holding a press conference related to the arrest of narcotics dealers in Cianjur, Saturday (31/7/2021). Photo: ANTARA/Ahmad Fikri, CIANJUR – The Cianjur Resort Police, West Java, arrested a young man named Ilham Rohmatuloh (28). Ilham is a drug dealer who uses a new mode of gluing sabu-sabu to buyers […]

M 3 Earthquake Shakes Cianjur West Java

Jakarta – Earthquake magnitude (M) 3 shaking Cianjur, West Java (West Java). The epicenter of the earthquake was on land. “The epicenter of the earthquake was on land 3 km southeast of Cianjur Regency,” he wrote BMKG on his official Twitter account, Saturday (5/6/2021). The earthquake occurred at 21:52 WIB at a depth of 10 […]

Beautiful Girl Burned by Her Lover in Cianjur Died

Cianjur – The woman who burned her lover in Cianjur died. The victim reportedly died from burns. “The victim died,” said Cianjur Police Chief AKBP M Rifai when contacted, Tuesday (11/5/2021). Information gathered, the victim has a name Indah Daniarti (22) died at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS). The victim himself was brought to RSHS due […]