Table of pension payments from March 2023. See what your benefit may be after the changes

Pensions will be indexed in March 2023, but it is already known that the increase in benefits will be record-breaking. – Taking into account today’s data, the indexation of pensions in 2023 will be at the level of approx. 10 percent, and maybe even higher – said the head of the family ministry, Marlena Maląg.

Earlier, the deputy head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Stanisław Szwed, confirmed that it cannot be ruled out that valorization of pensions in 2023 it will be 13-14 percent. Information appeared that that this year could be paid the so-called second valorization . However, the government does not intend to introduce such a solution.

The final shape and level of next year’s indexation will be known in mid-February 2023. The indexation index is the average annual consumer price index in the previous calendar year increased by at least 20% of the real growth of the average wage in the previous calendar year. For this reason, the indexation of pensions in 2023 promises to be record-breaking.

The latest forecasts of experts advising the government show that in March 2023 benefits will increase by at least 13.1 percent. This gives a minimum of PLN 100 a month more.

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