Symptoms of sore throat and ways to prevent it

Sore throat Of the problems that many suffer from, especially with weather fluctuations and the spread of viruses and infection, including Viral infection Such as “colds and flu”.

According to what the site mentioned mayoclinic, There are signs of a sore throat:

Symptoms of a sore throat

1: Feeling severe throat pain.

2: Burning and pain when swallowing or speaking.

3: severe inflammation of the glands, swelling of the neck and jaw.

4: white and pus spots appear on the tonsils.

5: Hoarseness.

6: fever and high body temperature.

7: coughing.

8: runny nose.

9: extreme sneezing in some cases.

10: severe pain in the body and inability to move.

11: severe headache.

12: nausea and vomiting.

Among the diseases that cause sore throat:

Causes of sore throat

1: colds and flu.

2: Measles is a disease that causes sore throats.

3: Smallpox water.

4: whooping cough.

5: Allergies, which are health problems that cause severe sore throat.

6: Exposure to irritants increases the risk of sore throat, including “exposure to air, dust and chemicals.”

7: Excessive consumption of alcohol and spices increases the risk of sore throat.

8: HIV infection causes severe sore throat and cold and flu.

9: Cancerous tumors may cause sore throat and throat, difficulty swallowing, and neck swelling.

To prevent sore throat, it is recommended to do the following:

Tips for preventing sore throat

1: It is advised to pay attention to washing hands, especially after using the toilet and after eating and sneezing, in order to prevent the spread of viruses and infection.

2: Avoid exchanging personal tools from person to person in order to prevent the spread of infection and viruses, while making sure to use wipes when sneezing or coughing.

3: Make sure to use hand sanitizers frequently and wash them with soap and water.

4: Use a muzzle on the mouth when in crowded or infected places.

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