Sweet Home 2: Netflix’s Highly Anticipated Korean Drama Sequel

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Netflix’s new sequel original work “Sweet Home 2”, which will be released on December 1, held a production press conference today. This work that the audience has been waiting for a long time will also bring a larger world view. Song Jiang, whose other work has just started airing, confirmed that “Sweet Home 2” will be his last work before enlisting in the army.

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“Sweet Home 2” describes a world where monsters become monsters due to desire. Hyun-soo, who has left the new habitat of Green Home, and struggles to survive, along with the survivors of Green Home, and other new characters, face unexpected challenges. Mysterious phenomena, including new desires and events, new battles. After the first episode was released in 2020, we will see you again after 3 years.


(Source: TVDaily)

Song Jiang said that the popularity of the first season of “Sweet Home” has become the driving force behind the efforts to complete the second season this time. Lee Jin-wook and Lee Shi-hyun expressed their gratitude to the audience for their love and looked forward to the release of the second season. The second season has a big change from the first season. In order to find the reason for the monsterization of desire, Cha Xianxiu (played by Song Jiang), who was considered an experimental subject, believed that monsterization is the hope of mankind. Yiming took away the side. The body of Sang Wook (played by Lee Jin-wook), Seo Yi-kyung (played by Lee Shi-yoon) who gave birth alone in order to find clues about her husband, and Lee Eun-you (played by Go Min-seo) who was looking for his brother whose life or death was uncertain, all left the green home.

(Source: TVDaily)

Song Jiang said that the director focused on Cha Hyun Soo’s mature transformation in the second episode. Lee Jin Wook’s body was taken over by the original character of Kim Sung Cheol, which meant that he had to play another role. In the sequel, Lee Shi Yin went through the process of being alone. Giving birth and becoming a mother. The new additions Kim Moo-yeol, Jin-young, Yoo Oh-sung and Oh Jung-se are also exciting. Song Jiang also said that after the release of “Sweet Home 2”, he will be about to enlist in the army. It will be his last work before enlisting in the army. He also believes that this is a representative work that allows him to understand himself better.

(Source: TVDaily)

“Sweet Home2” will be officially released on December 1st.

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