Sven Nys makes a one-day comeback in cycling: “…

Sven Nys was a guest at the NOS on Wednesday evening for the Tour program ‘De Avondetappe’. In it, he revealed that he will participate in the e-mountain bike World Championship.

The Dutch retrieved a short fragment from the new ‘DNA Nys’. In it, Sven Nys says at one point: “I feel the riders legs coming back again. Cycling for three hours at a decent pace is again easier. Then I get fanatic. Being an athlete is never going to die in me and this is another upsurge from that. ”

Is Nys then for a comeback in the race? “I have applied for a license with the Belgian cycling association,” he revealed. “They asked me to participate in the e-mountain bike world championship. I’m going to ride a motorcycle (laughs). I will also study this further, because I want to give training. I am convinced that people who hit the road with an electric bicycle will be trained for that. But it is therefore a one-day comeback. ”

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Of course, ‘De Avondetappe’ was also about son Thibau. “His victory at the World Cup? Very emotional. When you see your son taking such a victory in the sport that makes him so passionate, you can’t keep it dry. Your son’s victory is always more beautiful. Nothing like that. Your child’s happiness, that’s all. We share the same passion. We have the same conversations about the sport that we share 24/24. We also seek out the extreme together and then challenge each other. Then the dad very often has to lose out to the son. ”

“Does he suffer from pressure? There is because they are on it with a magnifying glass. There is always going to be a comparison, but right now it’s all slipping off him. Of course, it has all gone well so far, with a world title, and he has had few setbacks. But the pressure will increase when the going gets tough. ”

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