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“Suzuki Celerio 2023: Retro-Modern Concept and Fuel Efficiency at IDR 90 Million”

The 2023 Suzuki Calerio has a retro-modern concept and is fuel-efficient, priced at only IDR 90 million

PALEMBANG, SUMEKS.CO – The Suzuki Celerio 2023 car makes automotive enthusiasts shake their heads. The reason is that this one car has a modern retro concept and is fuel efficient.

By carrying out a modern and futuristic retro concept, the Suzuki Celerio looks very attractive. Plus the specifications of the super-sophisticated machine

With a machine that has economical fuel consumption, it will save expenses on gasoline.

So it’s not surprising that many consumers really expect this cheap and economical car to be launched in Indonesia soon. Moreover, it is offered at an affordable price of IDR 90 million.

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The features of the Suzuki Celerio 2023 are very cool and modern. This LCGC car is in great demand and admired in the market even though it has not yet been launched officially in Indonesia.

With a different design, this LCGC type car is in great demand and is the target of all groups in the market.

Of course, you will really like it because it is equipped with complete and super-sophisticated technology.

Of course, it makes driving fun, even if your partner or family feels at home.

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Suzuki Celerio 2023 is the newest unit. This car has gone through various improvements and refreshes before.

As a city car that has a unique style with a distinctive and stylish body.

If you look at the specifications, it is very superior. Because this cheap car uses an engine with a capacity of 998 cc and a power of 68 PS at 600 rpm, and torque of up to 90 Nm at 3500 rpm.

Then, the power is channeled to the front wheels assisted by manual and automatic transmissions.

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