Home Entertainment Surprised by a giant ring, Monika Pietrasińska HAS DECLARATIONS! (PICTURES)

Surprised by a giant ring, Monika Pietrasińska HAS DECLARATIONS! (PICTURES)


Monika Pietrasińska is a star of the cult in certain environments of the series “Love richly”, who once wanted to threaten a position in the show business itself Natalia Siwiec. Adorable Pietrasińska was considered an avid visitor of celebratory banquets, who, for fame, is capable of many sacrifices. At one of the memorable events, she “forgot” to wear underwear under a tightly cut dress, which of course did not escape the attention of photojournalists. That is where her nickname “vagina” came from.

Unfortunately, we have not had many occasions recently to write about Pietrasińskiejbecause the model has been distancing herself from show business for several years. It is also less and less frequent in salons. She was last seen at the movie premiere 365 days, which she came across very late, avoiding talks with the press.

Fortunately, there is Instagram, where the celebrity occasionally shares what is interesting about her. Watching photos on social media, one can get the impression that Pietrasińska’s everyday life is exotic travel, expensive hotels and champagne. Recently, a unique man named has appeared in the life of the model Paul.

Monika went with a handsome man on vacation to Croatia. She did not expect, however, that her beloved would decide to propose to her there! As we can see in the video, which was recorded by a friend of the couple, a properly instructed waiter handed Pietrasińska a plate with a box with a ring on it. The celebrity was shocked, but after a while she threw herself into Paweł’s arms and admired the giant diamond.

Pudelek congratulates and hopes that the Pietrasińscy will soon appear in the showrooms!




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