“Surely the partners and also Messi will vote for the best project”

Víctor Font was the third candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona to exercise his right to vote. He did it with a smile, accompanied by his entire team. “I am very optimistic. There was a significant bag of undecided and I am convinced that the message of change will have permeated.”

In that sense Font clarified that he feels like a winner and that if he wins “we will have a lot of work to do, like going to the sports city to do a PCR to travel to Paris,” Font said.

Regarding Messi, the Sí al Futur candidate said he was convinced that “he will surely vote for the best project, the one who has offered him the best program and not the best barbecue. That he comes to vote is a sign that he knows that they are some very important elections, “he said.

There was an important bag of undecided and I am convinced that the message of change will have permeated “

Victor FontCandidate for the elections of FC Barcelona

On the Madrid derby, Font said that he will be “pending” but wanted to emphasize that the most important thing is that “Barcelona did their homework by beating Osasuna and that he is still” alive in the fight for the League. “

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