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Surabaya City Government Takes Measures to Handle Rising Cases of Singapore Flu

Surabaya – The Surabaya City Government is taking measures to anticipate the spread of the Singapore flu. This is because there have been 61 cases from January to April after Eid.

Because of this, the Surabaya Health Service (Dinkes) urges the public to recognize the signs or symptoms of Singapore flu. Such as checking for signs of hand, foot and mouth disease.

The head of the Surabaya Health Office, Nanik Sukristina, explained that the Singapore flu is a disease caused by infection with the Coxsackievirus strain and that the most common type is A16. Singapore flu can cause symptoms in the form of blisters or sores on the mouth, as well as blisters on the hands and feet.

“When it does happen, the symptoms that develop are generally mild and can therefore disappear on their own after a few days. “Singapore flu is a viral disease that can heal itself (a self-limiting disease) without antiviral therapy, and heals on its own within 7 -10 days,” Nanik told detikJatimFriday (19/4/2024).

He said that cases of Singapore flu in Surabaya have been detected since early 2024. The results were based on medical interviews and physical examination results of symptoms or complaints from patients.

“The Early Warning and Response System (SKDR) application shows that there are 61 cases,” he said.

A total of 61 cases were diagnosed in hospital, receiving outpatient treatment as their general condition was good. Because of this, most cases of Singapore flu can heal on their own within 7-10 days without specific treatment.

“Basically, the Singapore flu is a viral infection that can heal itself (a self-limiting disease) without antiviral treatment. However, parents and victims are still advised to provide independent care until the situation improves when the victim’s nutrition is achieved independently,” he said. explained.

The Surabaya Health Office provides tips for preventing the Singapore flu. That is to wash your hands regularly with running water and soap, especially after losing, changing your child’s diaper, then when preparing and before eating.

In addition, do not share eating and drinking utensils, or you will be in close contact with someone who is sick. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, either using a tissue or the inside of your elbow.

Furniture at home must also be cleaned regularly so that it does not become a medium for the spread of viruses. Such as door handles, tables and television controls.

People are advised to rest at home if they are experiencing symptoms of Singapore flu until their condition has fully recovered. Residents are advised to seek immediate treatment at their nearest health service facility if they experience symptoms of fever, sore throat, painful mouth ulcers on the tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks and a rash that is usually on the palms of the hands. , the soles of the feet and sometimes on the hips.

“It’s not itchy, the rash may look red, white, gray, or just appear as small bumps. Then you cough and lose your appetite. So come immediately and get treatment at a health facility,” he said.

For residents who catch the flu in Singapore, the first treatment that needs to be done is to give the sufferer adequate nutrition, give medication anti-fever medicine if the sufferer has a fever and give anti-pain if they get body aches.

“Residents are also requested to report to the nearest health facility or Health Service within 1×24 hours if they experience symptoms of Singapore flu immediately, after receiving treatment from a doctor,” concluded e.

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