Suppressing the Spread of PMK, DPRD DIY Encourages Acceleration of Livestock Vaccination Before Eid Al-Adha

Tribune Jogja Reporter Report, Ardhike Indah

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM, YOGYA – DIY DPRD encourage the government to accelerate vaccineLivestock breast milk anticipates the spread of Foot and Mouth Diseases ( PMK ) approaching Iduladha which falls on July 9, 2022.

This is because many people need livestock, such as cows and goats, to be sacrificed.

Thus, there needs to be certainty that the livestock slaughtered is considered healthy and halal.

“I ask that the DIY Agriculture Office can maintain good communication with the central government to get the PMK vaccine. Now, it may be limited to dairy cows, but in the future more cattle should be vaccinated,” said Suwardi, Deputy Chair of Commission B of the DIY DPRD.

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He said this in a Tribun Jogja broadcast entitled ‘Ahead of the Qurban, DIY DPRD Push for Vaccine Acceleration PMK‘, Wednesday (29/6/2022) afternoon.

The broadcast was broadcast on the Tribun Jogja Official YouTube channel and can be watched again by the audience.

“Because until now, we haven’t been able to make a vaccine PMK. We only import vaccine that. So there needs to be good communication,” he said.

Suwardi also asked that the government could accompany the qurban officers, those who would slaughter livestock that had been donated by the community.

“This is also necessary. Communication downwards so that they are alert together. I think the DIY Agriculture Service has already done that. The agency and Commission B have also coordinated,” he said.

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