Supernova Details at the Beginning of the Explosion, Captured the First Time


Illustration of a supernova explosion produced by the explosion of a star larger than the Sun.—Sometimes, there are one or more giant stars that die and explode, the explosion of the death of the star is shown in the image supernova which will display a super-powerful burst of light as the first shockwave passes through the star before exploding. Explosion image supernova it is very difficult to capture.

However, astronomers from Australian National University (ANU) in collaboration with NASA and several international research teams have captured the first-ever photo of the explosion of a giant star much larger than 100 times the size of the Sun.

As reported by, “This is the first time that anyone has looked in detail at the complete shock cooling curve in supernova anywhere,” said scholar Patrick Armstrong. He led the study and described the event as a ‘shock cooling curve’.


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