Superindustry investigates Channel One for alleged violation of Habeas Data

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce opened an investigation into the Plural Communications Society, owner of the Channel 1 web pages, News One and the Channel 1 mobile application, for showing that these applications use more than 80 “cookies”, which are used to collect personal data and track user behavior without authorization.

In addition, the Superintendency also stressed that these small files that are stored on people’s computers or mobile phones to collect personal data, track behaviors and remember browsing or consumption habits, go against the applicable legislation on Habeas Data. .

According to the control body in the investigation, it was possible to show that this communications company had not informed the users of its pages and application of the specific purposes for which they collect their personal information. Likewise, both the web pages and the application would not have sufficient security and privacy measures to protect user data.

The investigation that is part of the ex officio verification carried out by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce to pages, applications or websites of different sectors of the economy, also ensured the proper functioning of open television channels such as Caracol and RCN, the which comply with current regulations on the protection of personal data.

Finally, according to the superintendence, if the violation of the Personal Data Protection Regime is verified, the company Plural Comunicaciones SAS could be sanctioned with fines of up to 2,000 SMLV and/or the suspension of personal data processing activities. There is no appeal against the aforementioned decision.

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