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“Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League” – A Frustrating Experience Filled with Repetitive Missions

Is Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Living Up to the Hype?


Rocksteady Studios, known for their highly acclaimed games, has released their latest installment, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. The co-op shooter, featuring an eclectic lineup of villains-turned-heroes, attempts to save Metropolis from an alien invasion led by Brainiac. As an avid fan of Rocksteady’s past games and intrigued by the idea of playing as ruthless criminals, I delved into Suicide Squad with great anticipation. However, after investing over 12 hours in the game, I find myself questioning whether it can truly deliver a satisfying gaming experience.

Gameplay Mechanics: Repetitive Missions and Familiar Settings

A Lack of Variety

While Suicide Squad attempts to mix up the gameplay with big setpieces, boss fights, and variable mission objectives, the majority of the game feels repetitive. Rooftop navigation and shooting down waves of purple enemies and machines become the core gameplay loop. Missions often revolve around defending or saving certain areas, killing enemies, and then moving on. Although Rocksteady attempts to create diversity through mission-specific objectives, such as restrictions on weapon usage or specific damage criteria, these variations fail to provide an engaging experience.

Narrative and Characterization: Building Trust and Growing Bonds

A Solid Narrative

A silver lining in Suicide Squad lies within the game’s solid narrative, which effectively develops the supporting cast and their relationships. As the story progresses, we witness the trust and redemption of these villains, as they uncover their hidden heroism. The well-written dialogue and cutscenes provide genuine humor and a familiar sense of camaraderie, crafted in a style reminiscent of James Gunn’s superhero movies. However, despite this positive aspect, it doesn’t overshadow the repetitive and lackluster gameplay experience.

Combat and Enjoyment: Satisfying Gunplay and Repetitive Missions

Engaging Gunplay Mechanics

The combat mechanics in Suicide Squad shine brightly, offering some of the best gunplay in a third-person action game since The Division 2. Weapons feel impactful and deadly, and the spectacle of annihilating enemies with explosions brings satisfaction. The game provides a fun and rewarding experience, particularly when attacking enemies in small outposts or wiping out mobs. However, as entertaining as the combat may be, the repetitiveness in missions diminishes the overall appeal of the game.


Although Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has potential with its compelling narrative and satisfying combat mechanics, the repetitiveness of missions hampers the overall enjoyment. The lack of diverse objectives and a limited selection of gameplay environments result in an experience that feels padded and unfulfilling, despite its promising premise. As a gamer, my hope for an incredible and innovative game diminishes the longer I play. With a year-long roadmap and planned seasonal updates, it remains unclear if Suicide Squad can maintain a player’s interest in the long run. Only time will tell if the game can ultimately live up to its initial hype.

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