Suicide Squad from Rocksteady Studios officially! Batman Arkham developers have published a teaser

Rocksteady Studios has confirmed the work on a new game in the Suicide Squad universe. The developers published the artwork and invited players to the show. This one is coming at the end of the month – get ready for a big production.

We can say “finally”! Rocksteady Studios are the creators of the Batman Arkham series, who have not presented the great AAA game in the last five years. The developers have been working on the secret title for a long time and now we can confirm – The British are working on a position in the world of the Suicide Squad.

Rocksteady Studios basically confirmed recent leaks and announced the presentation of the game – this one is coming on August 22 and during DC FanDom we will get a show of at least one title. According to rumors the event will also feature Gotham Knights from Warner Bros. Montreal.

It is worth noting for sure that although the production is to be about the Suicide Squad, we can see Superman in the first photo. Just a few years ago, there was a rumor that Rocksteady Studios was supposed to develop the position with this superhero … However, graphics suggest that Superman will be a rival of Suicide Squad? I think the first trailer for the game should answer a lot of questions.

Of course, we do not know the specific plans, but Eurogamer reported that Suicide Squad is not to be released until after Gotham Knights, and more precisely at the end of 2021 – at this time, the James Gunn film would debut.

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