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Suhar L Qahtani vs Mehdi Satoat: Middle East Boxing Showdown at ONE 166 in Qatar

Suhar L Qahtani“Be confident in your boxing style punching skills, the kind that”Mehdi Satoat“A legendary opponent must be unmatched.

Suhar L Qahtani” 34 year old undefeated boxer from Saudi Arabia. Prepare to enter the ring and fight.”Mehdi Satoat”Legend of Thai boxing and kickboxing, 40 years old, Algerian-French. who decided to come back and fight again After announcing his retirement two years ago, his skills will be measured according to international boxing rules, with a catch weight of 147 lbs. in the fight. ONE 166 to be held at Lusail Sports Arena, Qatar on March 1.

Even though the professional boxing competition in ONE has happened before in ONE: KINGDOM OF HEROES in 2018, due to this time will take place in the first major battle held in Qatar, making “Suhar” As a representative of the Middle East region So we’re ready. to get into the ring To provide full fun to the audience in the stadium.

“Having the opportunity to meet a legendary boxer like “Mehdi Satoat” It’s something I can’t really deny because he has a degree as a former Muay Thai world champion. I want this fight to be in my history. Fighting in front of a lot of spectators in the stadium is believed to make us both excited. And the only thing I can tell you is that this fight will be fierce, exciting and possibly the best fight of the show.”

Even if the opponent is the best Thai boxer and kickboxing Legendary level like “mehdi“But since this fight must be fought under international boxing rules, it makes “Suhar“I’m sure that when comparing punches to punches, His boxing skills are superior. Definitely on different floors.

mehdi is a great fighter He has had many successes in Muay Thai. and other types of combat sports He has made an incredible contribution to the industry. But this time he will have to fight a professional boxer like me. which I am sure of his boxing skills Still on a different level from me. And for this fight, I don’t have a fixed plan. Because he is a Thai boxer who is trying to adapt to international boxing. So our fighting style will definitely be completely different.”

Fighting in this historical battle.”Suhar” who is the only representative athlete from Saudi Arabia and is one of three representatives from the Middle East region, along with Amir Aliakbari from Iran and Osamah Al-Marwai from Yemen, is well aware of the expectations from a large number of fans, and he is committed to fully meeting those expectations. By collecting victory to win

“Representing this region means a lot to me. I felt like I was carrying everyone’s expectations. I’m a trophy hunter. And I’m here to entertain and excite my fans. That’s my main goal. I’m ready to give my all. By being determined to win the championship.”

Interested sports fans can purchase tickets in advance via Virgin Megastore or Q-Tickets. The first match starts at 7:30 p.m. Watch the live broadcast on Channel 7HD, press 35 (Thai language) starting at 8:30 p.m. and follow news and developments. You can find information about this battle on the ONE Championship Thailand Facebook page, ONEFC.com website, and ONEChampTh Instagram.

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