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Sufficient spacing. Mňága and Žďorp played with Žbirka from a “skyscraper” in Brno

At the same time, they broadcast the concert over the Internet – several songs for free, the rest after purchasing a “ticket”.

The high-rise building is currently under reconstruction. From the upper floors, only a concrete skeleton without an outer shell remained temporarily, thus creating a space with a panoramic view of Brno.

The band did not lose the applause of the fans. Dozens of people encouraged her from Björnson Park and the surroundings of the Faculty of Law. In addition to the enhanced sound equipment, the band also prepared a light show for them.

Mňága and Žďorp composed the concert mainly from well-known compositions, right from the beginning, for example, Hodinový hotel or Něgdy. After about half an hour, Žbirka joined, accompanied by the band, for example, he played for 22 days and Len with her.

“I see Brno from a completely different perspective. I thought I had experienced everything in my life – and look, the concert of Mňága and Žďorp on the roof. I didn’t expect that, but I’m looking forward to it, “said Žbirka before the start.

Musicians in the Czech Republic have not been able to perform live for many months due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the band from Valašské Meziříčí did not interrupt their activities, they regularly play online for fans. Now she has even embarked on the “spring online string” of streamed concerts.

“I never knew exactly how the musicians managed the pandemic, but our way suits me perfectly,” said the band’s frontman Petr Fiala. For the following Saturday evenings, the musicians invited Jarek Nohavica, Karel Plíhal, Roman Holý or Vypsaná fiX. Concerts can be watched on live.mnaga.cz.

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