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Sued for IDR 322 billion because of Gold Savings, PT Pegadaian Opens Voice

KOMPAS.com – PT pawnshop responding to media reports about the existence of lawsuit through the Central Jakarta District Court against PT Pegadaian for alleged violation of copyright services Gold Savings owned by the company.

PT Pegadaian Vice President of Corporate Communication Basuki Tri Andayani said he had heard the news and the company was studying the lawsuit.

“We have received the lawsuit file and are being studied carefully. As a company that upholds GCG principles, we will follow the applicable legal process and comply with government regulations and other legal provisions. In addition, we are also committed to protecting consumer rights so that there are no customer losses,” Basuki explained in his statement, Monday (16/5/2022).

Gold Saving Journey

Basuki then explained the company’s journey to finally using the name Gold Savings in the investment product and buying and selling of gold.

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As is known, gold has always been an investment instrument that is in demand because it is a safe haven or not vulnerable to market turmoil and uncertainty.

In 1901, Pegadaian officially became a pawn company owned by the Dutch East Indies Government which provided loans with movable goods as collateral. The pawnshop, which was then called Bank van Leening, did not only accept household appliances as collateral for the mortgage.

In its development, gold has even become the public’s favorite pledge collateral. Even today, more than 95 percent of the pawned goods are in the form of gold, either in the form of jewelry or gold bars. Therefore, Pegadaian continues to develop its business related to gold.

In 1998, economic turmoil occurred, the recession of the monetary crisis made the price of gold soar so that people who owned gold chose to release their investment to get fresh funds.

Over time, Pegadaian also took new strategic steps, so that gold could again be in demand by the public. Pegadaian cooperates with the World Gold Council (WGC) to issue Pegadaian’s Hajj Pilgrimage Fee (ONH) gold product.

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This product was created to help people go on pilgrimage to the holy land and provide literacy that gold is a promising investment.

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